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WP Google Analytics Events Pro

An easy way to track Events in Google Analytics for WordPress users

Level up Google Analytics with Event Tracking

More Than Just Page Visits

Google Event Tracking reveals so much more than just page visit data, and WPFlow’s Plug-In helps you watch your links, buttons, forms, videos, and other page elements to tell your visitors’ stori

No Coding Required

Code-free content delivery makes WordPress the go-to platform for so many users, and the WP Google Analytics Events Pro Plug-In brings that awesome code-free user experience to your Event Tracking, giving you time to focus on your clients, instead of development.

Come to Know Your Visitors

Use our Google Analytics Events Pro Plug-In to track what matters to your business, and learn how your users interact with your content. Event Tracking shows you how users engage with page components.

Google Analytics’ Events feature provides powerful analytic tools that allow you to track more elements. With it, Google has opened the data door for advanced users.

Here’s how Event Tracking can help you understand your visitors:

  • Learn which in-page navigation links they clicked.
  • See which outbound links took users off the page.
  • Create Event-driven goals.
  • Calculate your real bounce rate.
  • Determine if clients completed or abandoned forms.

Event Tracking, unlike simple page visit tracking, usually requires coding: intimidating and time-consuming for most users. We’ve made it painless by building our Pro Plug-In to integrate WordPress with Google Analytics in a user-friendly, interface that gives you all the benefits of event tracking without the coding nuisance.

Why use events?

If your main goal right now is to study your site’s analytics to find out what’s happening with the scrolling and clicking leading up to a conversion, then you can use this plugin to bring that data into WordPress.

…this plugin is the easiest way I’ve found to add Google Analytics Event Tracking to WordPress.

So whether you’re looking to improve your own site or your clients’ sites, this is definitely an analytics plugin worth checking out.

With this plugin, you can learn how your users interact with your content. It goes beyond page-visit data and shows you what visitors are doing with links, buttons, forms, video and other page elements.


YouTube Tracking

YouTube API Integration

By integrating the YouTube API, our Pro Plug-In allows you to track your embedded video and create event triggers for a video view, pause, quality change, or completion.



Our Pro Plug-In helps you easily assign placeholders to event fields, so that you can use dynamic data, like page names, link targets, button text, or logged-in users, to trigger events.

Link TrackingLink Tracking

As simple as clicking on a checkbox, the Pro Plug-In allows you to track all the links on your site. Track links that are external, internal, or both. Do you want to track links of a specific HTML class type or anchor links? Our Plug-In helps you do that too!

Click Tracking

Click Tracking

If  knowing whenever a user clicks certain page elements, like buttons, forms, images, or sliders, would help you turn visitors into customers, use our plugin to bind an event to nearly anything on the page.

Better Bounce Control

Better Bounce Control

By default, Google Analytics Events count as website interaction, giving you a misleadingly low bounce rate. You can use WPFlow’s Pro Plug-to set non-interaction flags for events so that you decide exactly which actions calculate into the bounce rate.

Scroll Tracking

Scroll Tracking

The scroll tracking feature can tell you if a visitor viewed a certain part of your page, so that you can set our Pro Plug-In to fire an event to let you know when your target element gets screen time!

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