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This plugin started out as a tool I needed to solve an issue on one of my own web applications.
On that application’s landing page, the pricing table is located on the home page itself. When I started getting traffic, I wasn’t sure how many visitors actually saw the pricing table. Some very valuable information about my sales funnel was missing.
Another issue that became obvious- was that the pricing link at the top, and all of my call-to-action buttons, were actually anchors. (Google will not track these by default). I had no idea who was clicking on them, or which call to action was performing the best.
That’s when I started to build the WP Google Analytics Events plugin. With just a few minor changes – it didn’t always have the short code support feature – I was able to see what visitors were actually going on my site.

[box type=”note” border=”full” icon=”none”][quote]Tracking Google Analytics events, is so easy. We can quickly understand, optimizeĀ our conversations and goals. – Anatoly coolautomation.com[/quote][/box]

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