What does the setup fee include?

Get our experienced team to do the work for you.

When you purchase the WP Google Analytics Events Pro plugin along with the Setup, our team will get to work and get everything up and running.

We know that in most cases, you are more interested in the Google Analytics reports and less with configuring things on the website’s backend.

So here is what you get from our setup service:

  1. Use our accumulated knowledge to make sure you are tracking the right things.
  2. We will connect the plugin to your Google Analytics account.
  3. Track the following
    1.   Track your call to action buttons
    2.   Enable link tracking
    3.   If you offer file downloads, like PDF files, we will make sure to add them to the list.
    4.   Email and telephone numbers can generate leads but sometimes overlooked. We will make sure to track these links.
    5.   Forms
    6.   YouTube or Vimeo videos
  4. We can also track custom elements if you a specific thing on your mind.
  5. And finally, we will add Goals in Google Analytics that will trigger conversions.

* The service is limited to 25 individual tracked items and up to 5 goals.

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