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SEO Plugin Recommendations for WordPress

One you’ve got your beautiful website up and running, your next thought is traffic. How can you increase your traffic, get your traffic to come back, and keep getting the right traffic? These are a few WordPress plugins not to be ignored. Install them, and see what an impact they can have on your website.

1. Popup Domination

You can’t talk about increasing traffic without bringing up Popup Domination. Growing your email list is a tremendous help for increasing your traffic. Popup domination helps grow email lists up to 524%. Installing it on a blog really is easy, and the display looks great on mobile. You’ll covert visitors to subscribers by having them provide an email address. Yes, it’s a little bit intrusive. But it gets attention and gets the job done. It’s been proven to help many happy customers—and its $47 well spent.

2. Post to Twitter

This plugin takes any content from your WordPress blog and immediately does a shout out to all your Twitter followers. This communication style is acceptable on Twitter, and you shouldn’t fear annoying you followers. As long as it’s brief and announcing legitimate content, you’re good. (Do not, however, think you can do this with Facebook. Go for unique content there.) The more substantial your Twitter feed (i.e. less reposting other people’s stuff), the more your followers will enjoy it. Install this nifty plugin to make sure every post you write is immediately out there.

3. Facebook Comments on WordPress

Facebook Comments to WordPress integrates Facebook commenting right into your website. If a reader is logged into Facebook and wants to comment, voila! It’s easy. They can comment without the hassle of logging in. This is a great step to eliminate that little barrier of entry for getting more comments. You can customize styles to fit your site’s theme (version 1 only). You an also adjust how many comments are displayed. Commenters can also share their comments on their own Facebook—great opportunity to show your site to a wider audience!

4. MoreSharesforYou

If you don’t already have the MoreSharesforYou plugin on your site, drop what you’re doing and put it on your site. Get your content shared by other people, and you’re having others do the work for you. By displaying how many times your content has already been distributed, you’re also creating excitement and hype around you posts. This plugin can become your new best friend. Best of all, it’s free!

5. All in One SEO Pack

This plugin doesn’t focus on just one niche, but it does it all. All in One SEO Pack is great because it does not involve a lot of techie intellect. It helps to optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines and Google—even generating automatic META tags. It can definitely help your rank increase. Advanced users can use it to fine tune Google Analytics. Make sure to take advantage of the page navigational links and advanced canonical URLs. For beginners, don’t sweat, just install it, and it will work out of the box. It works excellently with other plugins as well.

These are just a few SEO plugins we love. Which ones are your favorites? We’d love to hear what you find helps make your site successful.

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