WP Google Analytics Events Pro Version 2.2.4 is out and here is what you need to know.

UI Changes

The first change that you may see is that other than the General Settings page, there is no save button.
Each event now has a save, remove or add button next to it. The new UI will allow you to add events faster without refreshing every time. It also solves another problem that some of our users had when they were not able to add more than 160 click events.

Google Tag Manager Support

Here is something that we were working on for a while, and it is finally out. Web sites that use the Google Tag Manager were not able to use the plugin, but now you can.
Setting up the plugin to work with the Google Tag Manager is requires a little more than just checking the box in the General Settings tab.
Here is a video guide that will walk you through the process.

What else?

1. We added a What’s new tab
2. Better license status UI
3. Minor bug fixes

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